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10 Top Articles for Beginning Grant Writers

  1. What is Grant Writing? click here
  2. Is Grant Writing Hard? click here
  3. 4 Steps in the Grant Writing Process – click here
  4. 11 Essentials Every Grant Writer Needs to Know – click here
  5. Elements of Grant Writing – click here
  6. Top Grant Jobs and Employers – click here
  7. 15 Questions to Ask a Grant Writer For Hire – click here
  8. Can You Pay a Grant Writer a Percentage From the Grant? click here
  9. 2 Top Ways to Pay Grant Writers – click here 
  10. 17 Top Writing Skills For Grant Certification – click here

6 Top Grant Writing BOOKS For Beginners

FREE – Do you like “free” books? Then, access the Grant Professor’s personal library. Click on the “Find in a library” link on the left side bar to find that book at a library near you. If there is no library near you that carries the 6 “must have” books for beginners, ask library staff to order or purchase them. In other words, all libraries should carry copies of these 6 important grant writing books.

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YOUR OWN LIBRARY – Build your own grant writing library. One or more of the 6 recommended books can be purchased new and used from Amazon or ABE Books. Select one of the top 6 “Must Have” grant writing books that have been time-tested with hundreds of students in the last 20 years. Then, click on the “ABE Books” or “Amazon” links on the left side bar.