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The 1st Tips from your 7-Day Starter Kit is on it’s way to your inbox right now. While you’re here, I want to share with you something that few people outside of Nevada have heard about. It’s called Grant Writing Basics …

Grant Writing Basics
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Grant Writing Basics was the first Grant Writing course on the Internet, started in 1997. Since that time, hundreds of students have taken advantage of this course to help them learn “the most widely-used grant writing format” in the world. This format is used by the Federal Government (i.e., Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance) and many funders.

The features of the course have increased, but the price has NOT. We have kept the same price as when we started in 1997.

This nationally-recognized, self-paced class will guide you through the process of grant writing while working from the privacy of your home or office. You will get the theory behind what works for the experts. You will also apply theory in practical exercises.

In six easy assignments, you will learn:

1) The importance of clarifying and sharing your idea – Assignment 1
2) How to find funding sources and grant writing tips on the web – Assignment 2
3) The most widely used proposal writing format in the world – Assignment 3
4) How to critique grant proposals – Assignment 4
5) How to polish a proposal – Assignment 5
6) How to write a “real” or “mock” proposal – Assignment 6

You can 1) use Grant Writing Basics to develop a proposal your currently working on, 2) revise a previously written proposal or 3) create a new proposal which develops your ideas and dreams into a realistic proposal.

Grant Writing Basics prepares you to past the Grant Professional Certification (GPC) exam by aligning what you learn with GPC exam competencies. Click on the GPCI image for more informationinformation.